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Translating military skills into business success.
Help us lead the way on the healthcare front.

Transition to a promising career with a world pharma leader.

A leading biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca strives to deliver value through innovation, solutions through collaboration and success through excellence. We’re a global company comprised of many voices, views and talents. Yet, we are united by a common mission: improving lives.

The US military shares many of the same qualities we have – and look for. Drive, determination and passion for helping others, just to name a few. And it’s these very values that will help us achieve even greater successes on the healthcare front.

That’s why we’re actively inviting military veterans to join our organization in the US. In fact, this site was created especially for you - military veterans who want to play a key role in helping people live healthier lives.

We invite you to explore and learn about AstraZeneca’s culture and career areas, as well as our long-standing commitment to military veterans.